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Auto Clicker is an app designed to help you automate mouse clicks. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to configure and start clicking. Program is lightweight, does not consume a lot of system resources Auto Clicker download it can be used to repetitively click on an object or area of screen. Application is easy to use, has a simple interface.


Interface is easy to understand, use. You can quickly configure application to start clicking and then just let it run. It has a single window with a few buttons, a text field. Buttons are used to control applicaiton behavior, text field is where you enter number of clicks you want soft to perform. Main window at free Auto Clicker is very small and has just a few buttons. There is a small button in upper left corner of window that opens a menu with a few options. Main button is in middle of the window and is used to start, stop mouse automation. There is a button in lower right corner of window that opens the help file.


All you have to do is record your mouse and keyboard actions, then play them back. Recording, playback pane is very easy to use. You can record your mouse and keyboard actions by simply clicking on the Record button, then clicking on buttons, menus, or links that you want to automate. You can play back recorded actions by simply clicking on Play button. Auto Clicker app is very easy to use. All you have to do is specify location on screen where you want clicks to occur, program will take care of rest. You can specify interval at which clicks should occur. Software download Auto Clicker has a simple, easy-to-use interface. Basic tab contains a list of current actions, Settings tab contains settings for current action. Actions tab contains a list of mouse actions that can be automated.


Software can be set to click at a specific location, or it can be set to click and drag a certain distance. Product Auto Clicker Windows can automate left, right, and center clicks, as well as clicks and drags. It can be used to automate tasks that require keyboard input, such as typing text. Program has a simple interface with a toolbar at top, a panel below it. Toolbar has buttons for performing different actions, such as starting, stopping timer, selecting a preset speed, setting a custom speed. Panel below toolbar displays current speed, elapsed time, number of clicks. Program Auto Clicker free is easy to use, relatively lightweight, making it a great choice for users who need to automate repetitive tasks on their computer.


Help file is well written and easy to understand. Software has a support forum where you can ask questions, receive help. Support forum is active and helpful Auto Clicker free download has good support. Program has a website with a FAQ, a support forum. Support forum is active and has a lot of helpful information. Software has a help file that is well written and easy to follow. User can contact developer for support by email. Developers have a forum where user can ask for help. Program has a very active user community, developers are constantly updating application with new features and fixes.


  1. What do letters mean in lower-left corner of screen?
    Letters show number of clicks per second.
  2. I can't see any of buttons on screen. What should I do?
    Press shift+F1 to toggle display of buttons.
  3. How do I stop get Auto Clicker?
    Press Esc or shift+F1 to toggle auto-clicker off.


Overall, download Auto Clicker free is a simple, lightweight tool that is easy to use. It can be used to automate mouse clicks on a specific point or area on screen. It can be used to simulate mouse clicks, or to automate repetitive tasks. Help file is easy to use and provides all information needed to use soft. User can set a time interval, click count. Application has sound effects that can be enabled or disabled. Support system is good, user can contact developers for support by email.

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